If Obamacare is passed with 55 votes in reconciliation along with the public continually distrust it, we often see political fall-out like clear of imagined.

Today’s mail brought a letter from Chet Edwards, Democratic Representative from Texas. In it, he thanks me for voicing my concerns about health care and assures me that almost certainly vote against anything that “socializes medicine,” like a “Canadian style” single-payer multilevel.

From the outset of his speech, the salesman-in-chief went into full campaign mode, by immediately thanking Governor Tim Kaine, who just happens to get the chairman of the DNC, combined with Congressmen Bobby Scott, Jim Moran and Gerry Connolly, for doing a great job role. Then Obama started his advertisement with doom and gloom. Have you heard this pitch before?

It’s like magazine monthly subscriptions. If you’re conservative, you read nationwide Review or American Spectator. If you’re liberal, you read the state or Mother Jones.

Another slight-of-hand trick Obama has been using is allowing White House officials to screen each member within the audience with each question to be asked. Obama then claims that he is doing not know what questions is asked. The Associated Press pointed out a huge lie.

This may be the choice: Do you care on your and medical care of the rest of people in America or are you care more the insurance companies making huge profits? For me the options obvious. Direct health care reform. Our nation catches up with the remainder of the world in this particular most basic area.

Who is due to front people in terms of life expectancy you invite? How about Cuba at 37th, or Malta at 21, larger yet, what about Singapore at 15th and Spain at 6th. Which on high? Japan is number one. So, it appears that as whenever we are not number one and required to do something to change it out. Only time can know if this was the right bill and the proper solution for what ails us. Hopefully it can be, or we have to get ourselves back where we started, and that is no excellent individual.